Medical Care Coordinators, Inc. was established in 1983

We are a case management provider that employs both registered nurses and licensed vocational counselors. We work with a wide range of cases, including social security application and/or hearing representation assistance.



To ensure the best medical care is available at the most appropriate treating facility at the most appropriate time. By identifying and solving problems during recovery, complications are reduced or eliminated. Early intervention by a medical case manager reduces prolonged dependency on sources for disability income. A shorter recovery period is beneficial to the injured person and cost effective to the insurance carrier and the employer.


To facilitate prompt recovery following disability to restore the individual to optimal status. This is accomplished through contact by a registered nurse with the injured person, family physician, other providers of health care services, employers, insurance carriers and attorneys. Additionally, we initiate vocational rehabilitation services in a timely manner to assist the injured person's return to work through the collective efforts of the individual and our vocational counselors. Services are coordinated with the family, physicians, employers, insurance carriers, educators, attorney and other treating professionals. A realistic vocational plan is developed to facilitate return to a productive lifestyle within the person's cognitive and physical abilities.


Begins with return to the same employer. Consultation regarding job modifications are provided as necessary. Transferable skills are analyzed to find alternative employment. Vocational testing is provided to assist with career counseling within physical restrictions and/or cognitive deficits. Vocational training is recommended when appropriate transferable skills are not present.